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Student Support Services

Empowering Your Success

The one of a kind 快猫视频 International Program provides accelerated pipeline pilot training for leading international airlines from all over the globe while offering tailored training options for individual international students.


As a flight school, 快猫视频 prioritizes student safety and success above all else. Our mission is to train high-quality pilots who have all the tools they need to launch long and successful careers as professional airline pilots. For that reason, we have put together a one-of-a-kind academic infrastructure designed to give you all the support and guidance you need by placing educational tools, resources, and faculty at your disposal.

快猫视频’s unique commitment to student support has helped make us one of the most well-respected flight schools in the nation. Our dedication to your success is proven by our high graduation rate. Thanks to our quality of training, 快猫视频 pilots are in high demand when it becomes time to begin your career. For a direct, dependable path towards becoming a commercial airline pilot, 快猫视频 is the clear choice.

Our experience partnering with major international airlines has helped us create a uniquely successful program which delivers industry-leading accelerated training. We understand that support and community are essential for cadets who are thousands of miles from home. 快猫视频 International is built to provide just that. Our dedicated student services department helps international cadets adjust to the United States. Student Housing allows cadets to be part of a closely knit community to enable and support their success.

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Student Support Programs

Below are just a few of 快猫视频’s premier student support programs. Each program is designed to help you master the skills you need to fly safely, pass you FAA Checkrides, and begin a successful career as a commercial airline pilot. We believe in having an open door policy when it comes to providing student assistance making us one of the most cadet-friendly flight schools around.

  • Dedicated Academic Advisors
    Our dedicated academic support team is made up of advisors, flight instructors, and flight operation managers who provide high-quality academic support on the ground as well as in the air. The academic support team will be with you every step along the way as you acquire 7 FAA certifications and type ratings.
  • Academic Workshops
    Faculty members host academic workshops weekly to help students take聽their knowledge beyond rote memory and to achieve a deeper level of understanding. These academic workshops prepare you to apply your skills in real-world situations while you develop habits that will make you an indemand commercial pilot.
  • Flight Observations
    Students are encouraged to observe real stage check flights from the back seat of a plane so that they can better process and understand flight procedures. Flight observations help students prepare for tricky maneuvers and master the real-life application of classroom concepts. The 快猫视频 flight observation program is proven to help students pass their FAA.
  • Stage Checks Oral Testing
    Are you ready for your next stage check? Stage check oral testing helps to prepare students and boost their confidence by allowing them to self-assess their readiness for checkrides.
  • Stage ChecksAt 快猫视频, we incorporate stage checks throughout training to help assess progress and provide feedback to assist students in understanding their areas of improvement. These stage checks, in both our Part 141 and Part 61 programs, support students in ensuring they are ready to succeed for the FAA Check Ride.
  • Overage Hours
    快猫视频’s transparent pricing means that extra financing is included as part of your standard tuition so that you never have to worry about further out of pocket costs once you enroll. Your instructor management team will strategically utilize overage hours throughout your training to provide you with the greatest opportunities for success.
  • Unlimited Flight Simulator Time
    快猫视频 students are able to access a high-tech Redbird Flight Simulator any time it is not being used for a lesson. You can use the SIM and work through what’s been troubling you or practice maneuvers prior to a flight. The Redbird SIM is an incredible resource to help advance and master your flight skills, and it’s yours 24/7.
  • Personalized Academic Improvement Plans
    At 快猫视频, you never have to worry about falling behind and not getting the support and assistance you need. For students who need extra support when it comes to mastering certain concepts, procedures, regulations, or ideas, we help implement personalized academic improvement plans. Our advisory team will work closely with you so that you have a clear view on where to focus your training and studying.

Additional Tools

In addition to these extensive academic support programs, we place a wide variety of technical tools and flight resources at your disposal. Additional tools are used throughout your training to ensure your safety and to provide the highest level of training.

  • 70+ Aircraft Fleet
  • 2 RedBird LD (DVT)
  • 1 RedBird LD (F70)
  • 1 RedBird LD (GTU)
  • 4 Frasca True Flight 142s (DVT)
  • 1 Redbird FMX (CHD)
  • 1 Redbird SD (CHD)
  • Talon
  • GOM (General Operating Manual)
  • Stratus 2 units for each aircraft
  • Desktop simulators
  • Learning center
  • Flight Radar 24 used to monitor flights
  • Aircraft mockups in the learning center to practice flows and checklists
  • Airline style dispatch procedures
  • Free Practice Testing

Enrolling Today

As an 快猫视频 Student, you are a member of an elite flight training school. In addition to these extensive student support services, 快猫视频 offers many additional benefits!

Transparent Pricing: Tuition designed for you, with no surprise costs throughout your training
Accelerated Training: Go from 0 experience to Airline Pilot in about 2 years
SkyWest Airlines Partnership: Guaranteed final interview for First Officer Position

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